Sunday, August 19, 2012

Enduring Purity - Pretty Pussy

Enduring Purity - Milking

Enduring Purity - Intro

This world is going to be based on one of my favorite chastity stories of all time - The Organic Belt. I just loved this story which was published in 2005 by an anonymous author (if you're out there let me know who you are!).

Gender Dreams Institute - Anal Training

I started this and then stopped posting comments almost immediately, but I love that there was still even some interest shown and so I'm going to try and put out more stories for you all! If I decide to keep myself locked up unless I post at least a couple captions a week I'll continue to be able to keep this site updated for everyone. Fortunately I have five new captions already completed in my folder so I'll upload them over the next few days.

My idea for the GDI is a future world in which nanotechnology has advanced to a point where anything is possible. This is mostly mirroring Chas's work from Sweet Chastity along with other stories inspired by his original work.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Gender Dreams Institute - Alice

I'm just starting out here (finally)

After wanting to start this blog for quite awhile I'm finally going to try and get into it, so please spread the word any way that you can!

The posts in this blog will each be categorized into a specific fantasy world, denoted by their tags. Common themes, entities, ideas, and fetishes will make up each fantasy world. I'm going to try and refrain from describing each fantasy world except through the captions themselves. Thus when new fantasy world tags first appear the tag will have few concrete concepts to add to the fantasy world. The fantasy world will then evolve as you learn more about it through later captions - feel free to then go back to older captions with stories that are left open ended and apply the new facts learned about a world to the previous postings.

My main interests are in TG, mildly to fully forced TG, and chastity.

Major influences on my work will be: Chas from Sweet Chastity, Girl-A-Matic, the Lily Corporation,, and several of the blogs here which I'll mention by name in later postings.